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Pool Service

Pool Service

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One of the most important steps of swimming pool maintenance is water balance. Generally, understanding water balance can also be one of the most confusing processes of pool maintenance. Because of its complexity, some new pool owners may not know everything they have to do to keep their pool water safe, comfortable and corrosion free. One thing to always remember pH is far more important than chlorine.

Below are a few of the reasons why having a balanced swimming pool is so important:


If you are using either a salt based pool producing chlorine or a chlorine based tablet pool, then your pH needs to be correct. If pool water is not balanced correctly then the chlorine sanitizer won’t be working at full strength killing germs and bacteria.


Your water balance needs to be correct or it will affect your skin and eyes. The pH should be neither too acidic nor basic in order to feel comfortable.


An imbalanced pool can be corrosive to the liner, ladders and hand rail and other equipment such as the pump.

Let Splash Zone Pools handle the balancing of your pool water and all you need to do is enjoy your pool. We have a plans to suit everyone’s needs.


Starting at $145.00 plus tax per month, this is our most popular service.

On a weekly basis, we maintain proper water chemistry using the addition of chlorine, acid, soda ash, calcium and sodium bicarbonate to balance the water (as needed).

  • Skimming the surface/bottom of the pool.
  • Vacuuming is a must in order to keep a “clean” pool.
  • Empty skimmer baskets: pump baskets, automatic cleaner bags, or canisters.
  • Brushing walls, steps, and floor.
  • Monitor filtration system for proper function and backwash when needed.
  • Inspect pool equipment and automatic cleaners to ensure proper performance.
  • Homeowner will be notified of any potential repair/replacement that may be needed.


Starting at $95.00 plus tax per month. A good plan for the homeowner who doesn’t mind “cleaning” the pool, but doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with the chemicals. On a weekly basis, we maintain proper water chemistry using the addition of:

  • chlorine
  • acid
  • soda ash
  • calcium
  • sodium bicarbonate to balance the water (as needed)
  • inspect the equipment
  • Backwash if needed


The service person that comes to your pool carries a hand-held computer. The technician enters the results of his diagnostics of the health of the water and system, and this information is overseen by a member of our management staff. Then the report is emailed to you. The point is to spot issues before they become problems and it ensures you are getting the high-quality service you deserve.

No more door hangers that end up in the yard or in bottom of pool.When your out of town or just at work you can be notified your pool was just serviced.

We also keep a record of every service visit with all readings and work performed on your pool. This will come in handy if there is ever a warranty claim on equiment or sale of home.

 Here is a sample of the report you will receive via email directly after your pool has been serviced by Splash Zone each week.


During the summer months we need your filter system to run at least 10 hours each day of the week. All the chemicals in the world don’t help stagnant water stay clear. Water levels in the pool are your responsibility. We will notify you of low water levels, but we will not turn on.


The service detailed above is for a minimum of 48 cleaning days per year. “The week of Christmas to New Years day our office is closed and no pool service is performed to allow our staff to spend time with there families.” If your service day falls on a holiday we will make every attempt to work it into another service day that same week; however we may not be able to. As well, some weather conditions or vehicle or equipment circumstances beyond our control may also cause a missed service day periodically throughout the year.


Splash Zone requests that pets be placed inside the home or otherwise secured on service days. We do our best to guarantee your pets safety while servicing your pool but we cannot be responsible for pets that escape during our service call. As well, we will not service your pool if “guarded” by an unfriendly dog left unrestrained. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding household pets.

100% Algae Free Guarantee

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Client Testimonials

  • Randy, Arthur and the crew over at Splash Zone made our pool building experience a breeze. Great communication, fantastic design and workmanship. And without a few weather delays would have been done in record time. We will definitely recommend them to family and friends.

    Chase P. – Katy, TX
  • I have been using Splash Zone Pool Company for several years and have been very happy with their service. They are very honest about any work that needs to be done and their prices are very good. They are always on time for an appointment and the service people are very knowledgeable of the business. I do not think you could find a better pool company in Houston.

    Billy S. – Sugar Land, TX
  • We cannot say enough about how happy we are with our new pool and how impressed we were with the building experience. We had heard horror stories about how long it takes to have a pool built and our experience with Splash Zone was exactly the opposite. Our pool was completed ahead of schedule and it is absolutely beautiful. We recommend Splash Zone to anyone that is looking to build a new pool.

    Nicole R. – Cypress, TX
  • After evaluating three pool designers, we selected Splash Zone for a number of reasons. They helped us understand the entire pool building process which helped us with our expectations. There were no surprises other than the pool was completed ahead of schedule. We couldn’t be more pleased. Splash Zone also maintains our pool. Other pool designers walk away after the pool is built. Splash Zone totally

    Mike and Gloria – Richmond, TX
  • DeAnna B. – Pearland, TX

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