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ADDRESS: 13335 Murphy Road Stafford TX. 77477

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Pool Leak Detection

Your Pool Leak Detection Specialists

It’s normal for your healthy pool to lose small amounts of water, however there comes a time when water loss is problematic and can cause extensive damage if not repaired immediately. Splash Zone specializes in leak detection and repair, and is ready to get your pool back in pristine shape.

If you have noticed any of the following occurring in and around your pool, contact our pool leak detection specialists today:

  • Air in the plumbing system
  • Cracks in the pool shell
  • Water loss of more than 2 inches a week
  • Soggy spots around the pool or pool equipment
  • Sinking or lifting pool deck

Using specialized equipment and our leak detection knowledge, we will be able to determine the origin of the leak and how much water is being lost – an important first step that determines how quickly and effectively the leak can be repaired. Many leaks are easily treatable and require little invasive repair work, however if a leak is left undetected and unrepaired it could result in serious and costly structural damage.

Contact the Splash Zone pool leak detection repair experts today, so we can determine the source of the pool leak and fix it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.