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Tile and Coping

Tile and Coping


Blending indoor and outdoor areas into one setting enables you the pool owners to choose complementary materials. In the hands of our Splash Zone Pools professional designers, pool tile can connect a hardscape with a softscape, which can includes plants, foliage and flowers. Just as granite-tiled floors in a living room may extend outside to become a pool’s decking, a skillfully tiled patio transitions nicely into the water as a beach entry. Likewise, coordinating accessories that pick up a color in the tile bring forth a uniform setting. And, as always, design is established through the use of subtle details.

Popular styles such as vanishing-edge pools, spa spillways, beach entries and complex water features, serve as great canvases for stunning tile. The three main types of tile for pool finishes include glass tile, natural stone tile, and ceramic or porcelain tile.

Glass Tile Pool Finishes


Glass is the most popular tile choice for the past few years. While it can be the most expensive style of pool tile, some customers on a budget tend to use it with another type of tile or textures, creating a splash of color and finishes. Glass tile is a strong, durable, non-porous tile, that can be made from recycled materials. As a finishing touch, glass complements the transparent nature of water. With the ability to molded glass into various shapes, creating pebble-like or abstract effects, is a strong way to connect to your pool. Talk to one of our design professionals at Splash Zone Pools for more details and Design ideas.