sun ledge 3What’s a sun ledge in a swimming pool? A sun ledge, simply put, is an oversized first step into your swimming pool. It’s also frequently referred to as a tanning ledge or a wet deck area. A sun ledge is usually about 6″ below the water and can vary greatly in size depending on its intended use(s). With a custom gunite pool you have the ability to create the sunledge in any shape you wish; round, square, and even freeform.

Although most commonly placed in the shallow end of the swimming pool, sun ledges can be added to any location. Other popular positions are the center of the pool to create a gathering spot, or at the deep end if this works best for the overall design.

It’s also important to take into account the amount of sun it will get in the various locations you’re considering. The optional umbrella holder might be a good feature to include if it’s going to be in direct sunlight. This is also a great feature if you’re looking to add a little pizzazz!

Wherever you decide is the best placement for your pool, a sunledge will be an ideal place to relax or sit and watch while the kids are playing.

Want to take your sunledge to the next level? Here are a few popular ideas:

  • Water Bubbler
  • Deck Jets
  • Sand Chairs or Lounges

Size is definitely a consideration here. You’ll want to allow enough room for the type of seating you’re considering.

  • Mosaic Tiles

Create a more formal look with a mosaic medallion, or a more fun playful setting with a group of sea turtles.

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